Whorl Inside A Loop

Myers is particularly heartbreaking
— Vulture
Chris Myers... is terrific.
— New York Times
Chris Myers is extraordinary
— New York Post
Myers demonstrates his range in his parallel role as Jeffrey... [presenting] the play’s dramatic and emotional high
— Financial Times
...the inmates’ stories that have the most resonance, however, especially that of Jeffrey (An Octoroon’s Chris Myers)...
— Time Out NY
Chris Myers portrays Clinton, just one of his five stand-out portrayals, which include one of the inmates, the volunteer’s young son, and a nun.
— New York Theater
[Chris Myers], in one of the show’s most moving monologues...
— TheaterMania
In its most emotionally captivating moments, such as Chris Myers’s monologue...
— CurtainUp

An Octoroon

Myers gives a tour de force in his triple roles as the blasé black playwright, the charming leading man, and the mustachioed villain.
— TheaterMania
Chris Myers is topnotch.
— Daily News
…the handsome, intelligent Myers is truly impressive in his various roles and ability to switch styles of acting at the drop of a hat. [He is] marvelous throughout.
— Huffington Post
One-man powerhouse (Chris Myers) [is] worth the price of admission alone with [his] riotously comical performance. Meyers gets brownie points for his amusing mad scene between his characters George and M’Closky, which could mark a star turn for the young performer.
— Edge
Mr. Myers is the standout in his three major and completely different roles
— Stage and Cinema

Little Children Dream of God

Chris Myers gives a slyly funny, tart performance as the androgynous Vishal
— New York Times

Brownsville Song

Chris Myers, a standout in “An Octoroon,” and again here…
— New York Times
Chris Myers as a variety of characters, make[s] strong impressions in supporting roles.
— TheaterMania


Myers’ work is the sort of revelation which is worth applauding
— New Haven Independent
Myers beautifully shapes Cory and resonates with an especially powerful sincerity.
— TheaterMania
Chris Myers gives a vigorous and impassioned performance
— CurtainUp
Myers physically embodies Cory’s early tentativeness… in one of the most memorable scenes
— Star Ledger


Chris Myers steals the show.
— Review Fix
Chris Myers is unbelievably funny
— Cultural Capital